About Us

Marie Maty – Founder

Be Glorified Beauty was founded in 2019. I always had a love and hate relationship with my  hair. My hair was dry, my scalp was very sensitive and painful. In the early 2019, I realised the problem was not my hair, but the chemical I was putting on my hair.

With a little bit of encouragement from my lovely mother I decided it was time to take control and show my hair some well needed Love.

marie maty

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Natural Beauty

Be Glorified Beauty’s sole purpose focuses purely on sourcing and using the best, natural (plant and fruits -based) and high-quality ingredients in all our products. We care about our environment and product safety.

At Be Glorified Beauty we want every men and woman to Grow Gorgeous hair with radiant skin. Our drive is to help every woman and men fulfil their desire for a fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair.  Our products do not give them potato fixes, but lifetime change. We focus on boosting hair and scalp health from within, meaning gorgeous hair lasts so much longer than a first impression.

Be Glorified, the home of chemical free hair products

We’re Here For You

Our packaging will be meticulously chosen with the environment at the fore front of our minds and will ensure that they are safe and reusable. We are excited to share our love and passion for all things natural with you, we hope you love our products and experience the best results from using them and we look forward to serving you. Be Glorified Beauty is natural, simple, and affordable ordained by nature with you in mind.

the natural combo