Be Glorified Shea Body Lotion


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  • EUR: €14.35
  • CAD: $21.94

It’s a lotion that can be used for the whole body, both and body and hair. It comes in three fragrance (Vanilla, Orange and Honey). Its 100% natural a combination of shear butter, Coconut and your choice of fragrance.  SheaCoco softens, repairs and nourishes your skin it is suitable for all skin types.

How to use it:

Take a small portion of the cream and rub between both hands then gently massage and cream your body, instant glow and softening of the skin. This product will leaves your skin glowing and refresh


Shea Butter is one of mother nature’s natural beauty gifts which can be used as a base for many skin care and hair care products. From hair conditioner and face cream, to lip balm, deodorant and lotion bars, Shea Butter helps to improve skin and hair’s condition naturally.


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